1.  What if I’ve never danced before?
Our movement is very accessible to all. Not having danced before is not a problem!


2.  Who choreographs the dance routines?
Bija Beat Founder Tracy Straus creates each dance routine. The choreography is inspired by the theme of that particular class.


3.  Am I getting a real workout?
You bet! The class begins with a thorough warm up and core work, and the dancing is a fantastic heart-pounding aerobic workout.


4.  You say, “for your body, mind and heart.” How does my mind factor into the class?
Your mind is an integral part of the class. We engage in fun mental challenges pertaining to sequencing to aid each student's mastery of the steps. And we incorporate focusing exercises inspired by Patricia Moreno's Inten Sati.


5.  Where are classes offered?
Classes are coming soon to Denver, Aspen, New York and Montauk.


6.  Do you have your own dance studio?
No, rather than having our own space, we partner with like-minded brands to bring our classes to the public.


7.  Why NDI?
Bija Beat Founder Tracy Straus is a long-time artistic associate of NDI, as well as the creator of the Colorado associate program Celebrate The Beat. The profound effect this work has on school communities motivates Tracy to galvanize as much support as possible to ensure its continued success. Once you see the program in action and experience the joy of the teaching methodology, you'll be grateful to be part of one solution for bettering education for elementary school children.