About Our Classes

Introduction & Warm Up (12 min)

The class begins with a greeting from Tracy. After a brief introduction we engage in a thorough warm up that awakens our core and sets us up for success. 

Choreography (40 min)

The meat of the class is learning choreography inspired by a specific decade or theme, with live music from that same era. The ‘front’ of the room changes constantly so that no one is left in the back for too long, and we use games to pick up and memorize the steps. To promote the joy of mastering the choreography, students repeat the sequence many times, getting a solid cardio workout in the process. And to balance the training session, we incorporate toning exercises designed to target our core, our arms and other beloved body parts.  

Cool Down (5 min)

As we prepare to return to our communities, we lock in the joy we experienced by engaging in Inten-Sati closing rituals.

Closing (2 min)

As we prepare to return to our communities, we lock in the joy we experienced by sharing our gratitude for dancing together.


Class Breakdown



Dances inspired by enriching cultural themes




To be determined


To be determined


What to Expect

Bija Beat dance classes are like no other. Each class features choreography created by Tracy Straus with live music rooted in a specific decade or theme and imagery from that same era or theme. Every component - choreography, music, visuals - works together to deliver a workout experience that is physical and much more.

Here is what you can expect: 

  • Positive energy fills the studio and inspires excitement and drive

  • Live music infuses joy, energy and creativity, allowing students to make the movement their own and the teacher to change the tempo easily and quickly

  • High expectations inspire effort, positivity, and awaken memory by training people to retain long sequences of choreography

  • Choreography is split into chunks – letters representing something from that time period/theme - and no one is left in the back of the room.
  • Clarity comes from modeling the movement full-out and using clear counts for everything done in the class

  • Steps are named and counts given to the words to help with sequencing and memory

  • Games and challenges are integrated into every class, making the repetition required to master the steps joyful

  • The use of imaginative and evocative language to engage the dancers

  • We use dynamic devices to change energy: eyes closed, tempo increase, humor/drama also helps to master the choreography

  • The pacing of the class ensures that the group builds and maintains momentum

  • A performance context is created using the imagination (curtains, lights, etc.), resulting in an increased level of engagement

  • Everyone in the room is included and each person’s needs are attended to while maintaining group flow


The experience is all-encompassing, giving your body, mind and heart a workout.

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